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Letter from the Director

A letter from Deby Grant
Sage School of Massage & Esthetics Executive Director.

I moved to Bend Oregon in 1995 after resigning my position as Dean of Students at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon. I saw a small ad in the local newspaper, The Bend Bulletin that said Central Oregon Community College (COCC) had just been approved by the Oregon Department of Education to start a massage therapy program. Long story short, I was hired as the first director of the Massage Therapy Program at COCC.

In 2006 after eight years at COCC, I resigned and started Sage School of Massage. With 28 years of massage therapy experience it has been my privilege to inspire students and to raise the standards and professionalism of education.  Students have the unique ability to be dual licensed both in massage therapy and in esthetics which gives our graduates a competitive edge in the market place.  Practitioners love their careers and make an excellent wage per hour, which gives them more time for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

We chose the name, “sage”, because a sage in the Greek culture was a Master of Science and wisdom. The “sage plant” is believed to have spiritual and physical healing properties. Being a value-centered woman of faith who loves the meaning of words, Sage School of Massage was founded with meaning and purpose.

If you are looking for a dynamic and rewarding career that will allow you to thrive in the world of health and wellness, Sage School of Massage & Esthetics is for you!

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Tamas Bessenyei

“Sage’s unique educational program with a focused curriculum and attention to detail enabled me to learn in a comfortable setting and gain the knowledge I needed to be ready for a successful career as a massage therapist.  Upon graduation, I was equipped to pass the Oregon Boards and launch my own practice.”

Kristy Hammett (Werchek)

“I continue to love massage as a career and am so grateful to have had an education from Sage.  Especially now as a Mom, making my own schedule and getting paid well per hour are extra bonuses to doing work I enjoy and love.”

Destinee Clough

“I absolutely love being an esthetician!  Helping people every day is an amazing feeling!  Whether that’s helping someone with their skin condition or providing a great hair removal service.  I’m so thankful for the amazing education I received from Sage!”