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Our Mission

Sage School of Massage & Esthetics is making a difference by educating students in both the Art & Science of Holistic Massage Therapy & Esthetics.  We focus on health and wellness by balancing reasoning skills and intuition. Upon graduation, students are prepared for careers in medical and clinical settings, spas, travel industries and rehabilitation centers.

740 & 900 Hour Massage Therapy & 750 Hour Esthetics Program Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Understand the structure and function of the body and the body’s physiological systems.
  • Utilize clinical reasoning skills based upon scientific foundations.
  • Develop their individual intuitive skills as they integrate the art and science of massage and esthetics.
  • Focus on personal well-being and professional growth to ensure success in the industry.
  • Integrate their head, hands and heart as they perform the art of massage or esthetics.
  • Identify pathological conditions and decide treatment protocols or referral to a healthcare provider.
  • Understand the physiological mechanisms and effects of various techniques and   evaluate the best technique to use.
  • Learn to be “client centered” and demonstrate professionalism in clinical practice.
  • Practice good communication and ethical boundaries personally and in working with clients.
  • Contribute their gift of touch in various community events.
  • Enjoy a dynamic and rewarding career thriving in a world of health and wellness.

900 Hour Advanced “Master’s” Program Specific Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a full body postural and functional assessment.
  • Strategically treat clients with Interactive Body Balancing’s precise muscle tests to correct imbalances, pain, injury and dysfunction.
  • Assess and formulate treatment plans for removing fascial restrictions.
  • Choose nutritional foods to strengthen the immune system and optimize brain function.

750 Hour Esthetics Program Specific Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Perform a facial with knowledge of skin analysis and scientific understanding of product components.
  • Safely demonstrate basic face and body waxing techniques for temporary removal.
  • Demonstrate makeup artistry for all occasions with knowledge of color theory and product ingredients.
  • Understand and practice sanitation and hygiene protocols.

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Tamas Bessenyei

“Sage’s unique educational program with a focused curriculum and attention to detail enabled me to learn in a comfortable setting and gain the knowledge I needed to be ready for a successful career as a massage therapist.  Upon graduation, I was equipped to pass the Oregon Boards and launch my own practice.”

Kristy Hammett (Werchek)

“I continue to love massage as a career and am so grateful to have had an education from Sage.  Especially now as a Mom, making my own schedule and getting paid well per hour are extra bonuses to doing work I enjoy and love.”

Destinee Clough

“I absolutely love being an esthetician!  Helping people every day is an amazing feeling!  Whether that’s helping someone with their skin condition or providing a great hair removal service.  I’m so thankful for the amazing education I received from Sage!”